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Gideon is an anointed minister of the gospel of Christ. He shares the joy and the liquid love of Christ to other believers in the land of Kenya.

In the quest for the truth in the gospel of the Bible, he has authored several books under his name:-

  2. THE MASTERY OF THE WORD OF GOD.                                                              these books are available on line and also on hard copies, place your order to preachergideon306@gmail.com

Daily Devotion- Romans 2 — In The Making

Romans Chapter 2 Let us continue our journey through the book of Romans. I want to thank you for the significant and positive response to our study. I pray that these emails are beneficial to your walk with the Lord and help you on your journey. Read: Romans 2 There is considerable debate […]

Daily Devotion- Romans 2 — In The Making

WORD, the living and Active

Every time you give yourself to the Word, you expose yourself to the effect of the word. Just like anyone exposed to dangerous X Rays will experience some cell distortion and even mutation, the word will change you to the best. God ha given us the word so that it may act as our nourishment for this life. He has not changed His mind on the work it can do to our lives.

That same word one time came to Hosea, the prophet and gave him a wife! I speak to every single person that if you get hold of the word, it can give you that spouse you have been looking for in the wrong places. 


Faith is the principle thing that transacts the business of heaven. We get nothing or receive nothing except by the avenue of Faith. Jesus came to MAKE that faith available for you NOW. You do not need now to look for it, you have it. The problem is that you have not KNOWN  whether you have it.

We do not pray to have faith, you only STIR it for manifestation. You fan it into a flame. The fire is inside of you….. set it aflame now.

The dynamism of faith depends on your level of knowledge to the things of the OBJECT OF BELIEVE. What is it that you are to believe in to ACQUIRE THAT FLAME OF FAITH.

Read this book and get to know the PRINCIPLE OF FAITH, what makes faith to work. We look at the practical example of the Father of Faith: ABRAHAM who gives us a level ground to operate in faith.

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